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Library / Science Labs / Multimedia

Library / Science Labs / Multimedia - Global Modular, Inc.

With the current growth in technical education programs, these additions offer older facilities modern education space for added curricula.

Libraries/Multimedia Centers are constructed with the required upgrades in flooring loads. Electrical systems are adjusted to include floor plugs and networking cable systems to insure safe and proper systems for computers.

Science labs can be cost effectively fitted with gas and water including acid-resistant plumbing to bring chemistry and biology labs to any campus – regardless of age.

Custom Design Options:

  • Structural options to meet wind, floor and roof loads
  • Custom floor plans
  • Wood or slab-on-grade concrete foundations
  • Folding wall systems
  • Parapet walls and Mansard roofs
  • WIC cabinetry
  • Various plumbing designs
  • Stucco exterior or other architectural upgrades
  • Custom interior/exterior colors
  • Floor covering variations
  • Monoslopes or Gable roof designs available
  • Lightweight concrete floors
  • Built up, 22/26 gauge, and other variable roofing materials

Floor plans are designed to fit the needs of the school or architects. We will customize each building to your specifications.

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