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Office / Administration

Office / Administration - Global Modular, Inc.

Aurora offers a wide variety of floor designs, architectural techniques and configurations of module for office/administration buildings. For added space, two-story configurations are also available.

Custom Design Options:

  • Structural options to meet wind, floor and roof loads
  • Custom floor plans
  • Wood or slab-on-grade concrete foundations
  • 125 lb. floor systems available
  • Full face/store front windows
  • Parapet walls and Mansard roofs
  • WIC cabinetry/kitchen designs
  • Adult/child restroom variations
  • Stucco exterior or other architectural upgrades
  • Custom interior/exterior colors
  • Floor covering variations
  • Lightweight concrete floors
  • Built up, 22/26 gauge, and other variable roofing materials

Floor plans are designed to fit the needs of the school or architects. We will customize each building to your specifications.

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